WATCH: Sheriff Clarke: Kaepernick Reinforces The Stereotype Of The Dumb Jock


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  1. Presumably, Clark is also aware that he has become the stereotype of the “gullible Afro-American” who mumbles Trumpian rhetoric and spouts clichés with no factual support. He dresses up in his cowboy hat with everyone laughing at him from the sidelines while rushing from one Fox interview to another. He has been showing up every other night on Hannity to support Trump’s born again love and caring for the black community. Hopefully, he understands that this 15 minutes of fame will be over on November 9th.

  2. Ms. Arrogantly & Ignorantly Named “gadolhadorah”;
    Hopefully you understand that your evil and criminal hero Mrs. H. Rodham Clinton will fade into the dustbin of the federal prison system where she belongs after Nov 9th!