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WATCH: Bennett Slams CNN: ‘How Dare Anyone Call Israel Occupied Territory, We Are Here Longer Than US In America’

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  1. CNN staff hates Israel and the Jews.

    The problem Bibi and his cronies have, they cannot answer the fundamental question (mentioned in this Video); how can it be a Jewish state if it’s a democracy? And the true answer is: IT Cannot!!!!

    And if it’s a Jewish state it must act Jewish!!!! Israel don’t want that either!

    Therefore they lose with the world.

    The argument has to be; it’s a Jewish state, it’s not occupied and we are here to stay!!!! We will fight anyone who tries to steal it from us!!!

  2. after the idiot from cnn couldn’t answer how long americans have been in america he concludes brilliantly that those living on the west bank disagree with bennett
    what a fool!

  3. Obama himself came to pray at the kosel, so he is condreticting his own policy, he came and prayed to God by his tempel that is in occupied territories that belongs to plastinions that we have to give back to them now,
    What a joke!
    Just like they fight for themselves with there Koran, we need to fight with the toira proving that this land belongs to the Jews long before USA was thought of.
    Hashem should help us! We really feel we are in golus

  4. Jake Tapper You are a Disgrace to the Jewish people!!! You think your liberal ideology will save you from a Holocaust, You’re a FOOL!!!!

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