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WATCH: Mekubal Hagaon HaRav Gamliel Rabinowitz Lighting menorah And Playing Dreidel

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  1. Can someone please explain the significance of the Tzaddik spinning the dreidel? And why he got so emotional over it?

  2. There are 2 types of nisim 1 a sairusa dilaylah – a NES caused from up above a chesed from Hashem
    2 a sairusa dilitatoh a nes caused by our action we do teshuva etc.
    On Purim the minhag is spin the gragger from on bottom signifying the events where spun … Caused by a sairusa dilitatoh .. we did teshuva that’s why it happened on Chanukah we spin the draidel from on top signifying the events the NES was a sairusa dilaylah a chesed from Hashem one that our actions whereby worthy for … A tzaddik when he spins the draidel Dave’s for a sairusa dilaylah rachamim even if we are not worthy events should be spun with rachamim and chesed

  3. A driedel is spun from on top signifying a seirusa dleilah a new that came down as a chesed Hashem as apposed to a Fragger spun from on bottom signifying a seirusa dilitato one caused by our actions IE teshuvah a tzaddik davens when spinning the draidel for seirusa dilielah chesed from Hashem. Even if we don’t deserve it

  4. There are many Kabalistic meanings behind the dreidel. R’ Gamliel is one of the few of our generation that know the meanings.
    There are many times that are special for talking to H-Shem. While playing dreidel is one of them.
    Try it, it’s amazing.
    A Freiliche Chanukah!

  5. The emotional significance is that you either win or lose and if you play with money, it gets even more emotional.

    Just ask my kids…

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