WATCH: Despicable Neturei Karta Iranian-Loving, Holocaust Deniers, Hold Press Conference Outside UN Congratulating Anti-Israel Vote


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  1. I strongly protest the coverage of this rogue group of son’ei Yisroel. They are undeserving of attention, and should be ostracized collectively and personally as enemies of Klal Yisroel. They have never made any public statement when a Yid was harmed by terror, and are blindly and morality-free in their support of some of the greatest resho’im of our generation.

    YWN should never carry any of this news. It is disgraceful, and stains the reputation of YWN as a source of Jewish news.

  2. Dear YWN,
    By giving these few isolated lost soul losers attention every time they do something stupid, you are actually validating them, and helping them achieve the attention they seek.

  3. BTW, i think it would be a great idea if they presented Hussein Obama with one of those flying saucer hats and take him on their team. Things will start falling into place.

  4. ditto 1 & 2 comments. Also, you publicize that they are rabbis, I doubt highly that they are rabbis and I know the Satmar Rebbe z”l, Rav Yoel, was against such public statements and were outcasts in their community.

  5. I agree, YWN should stop giving those “modern day kapo” a stage for their shameful propaganda. However I suggest the following, so maybe this will change some things in the future. For those of you who know personally these “Jewish looking people”(I don’t believe the have Jewish neshomos so they may dress up Jewish, but rotten inside) please POST their real names and where they live, so there should be a major embarrassment for their families and the places they work (if they actually work, unless UN and Arabs are paying their paychecks)

    Let the Yeshivas warn them to stop this public Hillul Hashem or their children will be thrown out of the school. If yeshivas can threw out kids because own TV or use internet, this way greater issue and I really hope that will scare them to show their face like that.

    If they work, I really hope their bosses or even collegues either to fire them or stop talking to them.

    If they daven in regular minyanim, people should stop counting them as 10, and obviously never give them tzedokah money.

    Let’s BDS this group once for all, otherwise there is no point to report it.
    Would be nice of course if major Rabbonim will issue some kind of statement, but that unfortunately will not happen, and majority of non religious Jews and non Jews who don’t know the difference between tiny NK and all the rest of frum world, will assume those people are the same and speak on their behalf as they claim.

    KarlBeMarx, did you join your friends in the video, btw?

  6. isn’t it interesting that Hamas and NK, two organizations who openly seek the end of Israel and most certainly do not believe in the two-state solution are congratulating themselves over this resolution? please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me that this move was an effort to implement or revive the two-state solution. it was a move to eradicate Israel as acknowledged by the giant banner held by the NK member calling for the end to Israel.

  7. Neturei Carter are just a bunch of misguided, publicity-seeking losers.

    The bigger fish are those hiding in Monroe and Williamsburg, without whose financial support, there morons would have to work, and wouldn’t have the time for such nonsense.

  8. Alexfromny is right these creatures give all chareidim a bad name and bring disgrace on Torahdike yidden lt is not enough to show them people must see them being denounced in writing

  9. The problem is a lot of what he says is true …….. but the Rebbe said clearly u CANNOT promote the Palestinians and Arabs because they are רוצחים . And by using the world media they are just encouraging the Arabs and the terrorists to continue . Terrible .

    This idiot only speaks about the poor suffering of the Palestinians . Not a word about the thousands of Yidden and families that have been affected by Palestinian terror . Shame on them .

  10. Isn’t it strange knowing that these people will go home Friday night and dance shalom aleichem with their kids, daven three times a day, learn gemara etc…

  11. For some reason you hate neturei karta who are frum, very nice people who believe that what they do is ratzon Hashem. Yet, when it comes to wicked people such as Netanyahu who don’t care at all about keeping the torah (he ate pig in public, not quite a kiddush Hashem) ywn and many posters seem to like him. The “jewish state” has caused more damage to judaism than the holocaust. Neturei Carter (not to be confused with Jimmy) actually saved non member friends of mine when they told a drunk arab that they were nk, and the arab stopped bothering them. Keep in mind that Jews and arabs lived peacefully together in eretz yisroel many years before the “jewish state” came along.

  12. YWN understands that these despicable folks shouldn’t receive any kind of public forum or exposure. But, in the endless quest for “eyes on the website” (there are advertisers on the site who insist on as much exposure as possible), YWN chooses time and again to publish some video of the NK gatherings. It’s a good way to get more eyes on the website, but it also helps encourage more of these outrageous “press conferences.” I think that Weiss and the rest of his gang understand that their only hope for media exposure is the various Jewish media, because there is practically no chance that any major media will cover them in their evening news broadcasts. If all the various Jewish media could come to an agreement to ostracize them and their media stunts, there’s a reasonable possibility that they will at least reduce their “public relations” antics. Otherwise, we can expect more of the same in the future And that is really unfortunate.