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NYC Area Weather Alert: Batch Of Winter Weather On the Way

wA batch of winter weather is expected to hit parts of the Tri-State region Thursday morning, bringing colder temperatures and even snow to some areas.

Meteorologist Bill Evans says this is what you should expect:

* Snow and rain starts on the western part of the region around 6 a.m. Thursday, turns to rain as it moves west

* Temperatures increase as the morning progresses, causing it the snow to change to rain before it reaches the New York City area by about 9 a.m.

* Up to 3 inches of snow expected in the Poconos and Catskills, with up to 2 inches on hilltops and areas at 800 feet elevation and above

This map shows where snow is expected to fall:



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  1. So you post this at 2:00pm on Thursday, to let us know that we can expect 9:00am on This morning??
    What am i missing? … to few doughnuts i guess.

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