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WATCH: Neturei Karta Defile Kever Yosef In Shechem With Palestinian Flags

On Thursday, February 16, a group of Anti-Zionist Jews visited the Kever of Yosef HaTzadik in the city of Shchem. They were escorted by Palestinian police. Following the visit at the Kever, the group paid a visit to the Palestinian Mayor of the city.

13 Responses

  1. Please stop posting about this group and giving them the attention which they crave.
    Same thing with the ONO (open non-orthodox).

  2. It’s a shame these so-called Jews weren’t stabbed by a lynching mob. This would be the only time when an attack against Jews would be justified

  3. What a chillul Hashem!!! These are Not legitimate yidden …They are the equivalent of meshumodim R”L!!! Why doescyeshiva world provide these meshumodim with publicity????? They should all be put in Cheirem !!!

  4. All of the above, realize that these individuals are funded by an individual/group/organization. Find the money trail, cut it off immediately (no more donations, tzedakah etc.) & these vile people will disappear.

  5. My question is who support this people they go all over they dont work are they supported by IRAN are they a Terrorist group
    They should be investigated

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