Video Of Interest: Motty Steinmetz Sings ‘Haneshama Bekirbi’ To Be Released On His Debut Album


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  1. Ephraim:
    It shows a day in the life of a singer like Motty. A lot of emphasis on limmud haTorah, chessed and the niggun in general.
    There happens to be a scene with him looking at a mac with his producer and one with him driving his car somewhere (i didn’t pick up on the fact that it was a volvo!). Hardly a way to promote Apple or Volvo!
    For me, it was the song and it’s message that came across, that of appreciating the gifts we have.

  2. 1) Computers (filtered certainly) are 100% permitted, in particular, and according to all opinions, for purposes of parnsssah.
    2) The Mac is perhaps the easiest yo filter fully and effectively.
    3) Macs are uniquely designed for recording studio software.
    4) Volvo is among the safest cars built and not the car of the wealthy in Eretz Yisroel. Remember most taxis in Eretz Yisroel are manufactured by Mercedes Benz.

  3. stunning compostion motty is doing amazing keep coming you enlighten klal yisroel and the way you sing to alon paz is just penetrating you derive a soft spot and a gite neshumah amazing person