VIDEOS & PHOTOS: Sullivan County Elected Officials & Law Enforcement Are Honored At Camp Shalva Bobov


Sullivan County, NY – A Kiddush Hashem was witnessed at camp Shalva of Bobov in Monticello, NY, when over 1000 children, ages 5 to 14 lined up to welcome many Sullivan County officials including the Sullivan county Sheriff, Monticello Police Chief, Fallsburg Police Chief, Chief of the Fire Department, town and Highway supervisors, and Jewish Community leaders.

A spokesman for the camp, Professor Harry Reicher welcomed the officials by addressing the gathering and saying “The management and staff of camp Shalva are conscious of the critical role played by the Sheriff and Undersheriff of Sullivan County, by ensuring peace and security of the Camp and its surroundings, this enables the Camp to be conducted in a spirit of harmony and tranquility, that optimizes the camping experience for the campers, and their resulting progress; all those associated with “Camp Shalva” are filled with profound sentiments of gratitude and appreciation” said Mr. Reicher.

The bobov camp spends 9 weeks of the summer season on Rt. 17 B, where it serves close to 1000 campers and many families.

The leadership presented an “award of appreciation” to the Sullivan county Sheriff, Michal Schiff, Fallsburg Police Chief Simmi Williams, NYS  Department of Health Director Mark Knudsen, and Town supervisor Daniel Sturm.

“All these fine individuals deserve a token of appreciation, for always looking out  for the safety and security and well being of the campers and all residents of Sullivan County” said Rabbi Aba Horowitz, the camps administrator.

Sheriff Michael Schiff in his speech said, I am honored to receive this appreciation award on behalf of the Sullivan County Sheriffs office. The bobov camp is one of the largest camps in this area, we have an excellent working relation with them and the community leaders. It makes everyone’s job easier”.

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