VIDEO: Rav Mendel Hager Of Viznits: In Zechis Fun Heiligin Rebbe, ‘Francis ben Elizabeth’ Zulst Hubben Grois Hatzlucha


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Here is a video of Rav Mendel Hager Shlita of Viznits, the son of the Visnitzer Rebbe of Bnei Brak giving a Brocha to Fran Becker (Francis ben Elizabeth), the GOP nominee in NY-4 against Rep. Carolyn McCarthy.

To watch this video from a mobile device, click HERE.

Have you checked out YWN Radio yet? Click HERE to listen!

(Hat Tip: Maggie Haberman of Politico)


  1. Why use the “zechus fun heilige rebba” for narisha politics.use it for all the cholim all the yiddin who lost their parnassah its amazing how they make this whole voting thing into a “heilige zach” how much money do they get if this guy wins?

  2. Brisker35, who told you he does not daven for the Yiddishe cholim? And getting money for the Yidden is also a mitsva. And, probably, the Republican is against the toeiva. A bissle dan le’kaf zechus. BTW, I am a Misnagid.

  3. To YWN. Please help me. everytime you post a link to view video via mobile device, i click on the the highlighted ‘here’ and i get message ‘error page read’. please let me know What’s wrong.