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VIDEO: Many Rally To Support Boy’s Flag Display

Denair, CA – A 13-year-old Stanislaus County boy at the center of a flag controversy got a big show of support Monday as many people rallied to his side.

Cody Alicea was earlier told by Denair Middle School officials that he could not ride to school with a U.S. flag on his bike. The story has gained national attention, from Rush Limbaugh to the Drudge Report.

The school changed its mind, and now Alicea can display the stars and stripes.

When he rode from his home to school on Monday, he was followed by a parade of people on motorcycles. A military jet flyover was also expected.

“I’d just like to say thanks for the support,” Alicea said before his ride.

Officials at the school told Alicea not to display the flag, citing safety concerns. Some students had complained about the display.

Denair Unified School District Superintendent Edward Parraz said the campus recently experienced some racial tension. He said some students got out of hand on Cinco de Mayo. He said some students displayed the Mexican flag, while others displayed American flags.

Parraz said he got calls from halfway around the world about the flag controversy. Some soldiers in Afghanistan called to complain.

Alicea said he was surprised at the attention.

“This is big,” Alicea said. “I didn’t think it’d get this big.

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9 Responses

  1. To 1
    This is not America!
    this is California, and no american flags should be allowed, in Northern Mexico. (California)
    Also sometimes I hear people on the street speaking the english, they should be arrested and sent to prison.

    Also those Jews should change their Hebrew prayers and
    start praying in spanish only, no questions asked.

  2. Is it Purim; or is it April Fools. This is sick sick sick. This is what you get when you let places like San Francisco send congressman to Washington. Pelosi should be smiling. obama is laughing and the rest of the country is dying. California is a state where people use to run to and now they are running from. Great treats from California, they want to ban Happy Meals in SF. They want to ban Bris MIlah in SF. Gays are normal, pets are treated better than humans and the list goes on and on.
    The child should be given an award by somebody maybe the Vetern Organization for going through with political non correctness.

  3. What I find amazing is how many people rail against the school system and the “rights” of this kid. What they did not see in this article are the Mexican kids that flew the Mexican flag in school and the video of the man with the Flag Shirt on. … Knee jerk reactions without all the information is exactly that…knee jerk this website tells us how to display the flag in proper avenues. Just because people “feel” that the kid is right and the school is wrong why dont you look at the law or take a good civics lesson to see who is right and who is wrong and where does Nancy Pelosi fit in all this…knee jerk is just that and nothing more….read, look at the web site then re read the article.

  4. P.S. I believe that this country no longer believes in what the pledge says – One nation under G-d, (we’re not allowed to mention His name any more )with liberty and justice for all – our liberties and our rights are being stripped from us sneakily and with subtlety with all that nonsense about homeland security.

  5. As a past public school teacher children can bring bibles to school and read them in class, they may refer to GD and during ALL the times in my class we said ONE NATION UNDER GD….Im not sure what sad school you belonged to or what sad situation your children encountered but One Nation UNDER Gd is still said and said proudly in many public schools…….be careful what you say unless its from a first hand point of view…oh yes do they pledge in yeshiva?
    Just curious……

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