DAY 6 VIDEOS: Why Mayor Bloomberg Is A Liar – Block With Hospital Still Not Plowed Friday Morning [UPDATED 12:30PM EST]


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[STORY UPDATED BELOW] This video was taken on Friday morning at 9:45AM in the heart of Flatbush, at the block of Community Hospital, which is located on East 26th Street between Avenues N and O.
YWN recieved dozens of complaints from doctors, FDNY Paramedics, nurses, hospital personnel, and block residents, all outraged why the street has not been cleared of snow six days after the blizzard hit.

“It’s outrageous that a block which ambulances use dozens of times each day has not been cleared of snow yet,” an emergency-room doctor told YWN.

It should be noted that it is 27 hours past the Mayor’s deadline when “every street in the city will be plowed”.


Click HERE to watch this video from a mobile device.

UPDATE 12:50PM EST: Two hours after YWN posted the above  video and article calling Bloomberg a liar, the snow plows finally arrive.

Do people need to call Bloomberg a liar publicly to get something done in this city?!

How many patients died on this very street? How much emergency care was delayed at this very hospital because of Mayor Bloomberg?

Thanks to office of Councilman Mike Nelson who picked up on this article and very quickly arranged for multiple plows to start clearing the street. It’s greatly appreciated, but it’s way too late to offer proper thanks to anyone. People are now bitter at this city. The arrogance of Mayor Bloomberg is despicable. How dare he tell people to go to a Broadway Show on Monday evening – and this street where a hospital is located on is first getting plowed on Friday afternoon.

Shame on him and his entire administration.

SEE SECOND VIDEO – Click HERE is you are on a mobile device.

(YWN Storm Desk – 2010)


  1. I heard on the radio that every street has been plowed. I think they meant “every street that’s going to plowed has been plowed.” The rest will melt.

  2. Did anyone call the city or sanitation to see whats going on?

    As an aside, I hear that hospital is affectionately called the Roach Motel, perhaps the city is doing everyone a favor by forcing ambulances to go elsewhere.:)

  3. I don’t feel it is right for Jews to label the mayor as a “liar”. It will come back to haunt us. Look at the other story today that Boro Park was targeted in the blizzard. We speak too much against the machines that for the most part do much chesed for us.

  4. Mayor Bloomberg come learn from the Kiryas Joel village administration how to act in such a crises….. U r a big failure!!! “Bloomberg disaster”
    A small village like KJ in upstate was CLEAN and CLEAR till the end in 12 hours after the blizzard!!
    Thanks the Mayor Wieder and Mr. Freund and Mr. Szegedin!! GutShabbes

  5. I still don’t understand what the broadway show line has anything to do with a street being unplowed? Can’t wait to read what you say about the next mayor of New York, whomever it may be.

  6. AND…
    East 32nd Street from Avenue L to Kings Highway, which has BETH ISRAEL HOSPITAL at the corner, is STILL (as of Friday afternoon) a HORROR!!!

    Although there was a plow and a salt truck, they barely did anything!

    Instead of 8-10 inches of soft snow, there is NOW 3-5 inches of hard, irregular, bumpy, slick ICE down the whole street, including approaching the corner STOP sign!

    I guess Mayor Mike needs a few more huge lawsuits against the city before our street is clear. After all, it is ONLY FIVE DAYS since the storm ended!!!

    Hey Mike, if you had your eye on the White House, you can FORGET IT!

  7. To those of us who direct PUBLIC hate to our Mayor: Are you perfect? Is anyone perfect? He made mistakes this time, and admits it. Nevertheless, to me his is the best mayor we had. Who remembers David Dinkins?

    Es pas nisht to be hateful in public, especially to a Yid.

    Here’s hoping the Yeshiva World News and #6 and others who plan to write like that Reconsider. (I’m not a Rav so I won’t say do teshuva).

  8. On the block I live on I witnessed two plows going down when Mayor Bloomberg said all streets would be plowed, but they didn’t plow! They went down the block with their plows raised just high enough not to plow.
    On Friday morning a salt spreader finally came, but the street remained salt free! (Bloomberg did say we should use less salt!)
    Tried calling Councilman Nelson’s office, but there was no one the to answer the phone.
    Called Greenfeld’s office and someone answered the phone.