Lev Malka Calls on the Tzibur to Donate Hair for Children


canThe Lev Malka organization is calling upon the tzibur to donate hair from a child’s chalaka (upsherin) to be used to make wigs for pediatric cancer patients R”L. Those unable to do so are asked to make a donation to help fund the wigs for children.

Fifty children with the illness R”L will enjoy this Lag B’Omer in Meron, at the Rashbi, arranged by Lev Malka, which has organized transport for them in appropriate vehicles. The wheelchair bound children will be driven and escorted by volunteers under the watchful eye of professionals. Due to their condition and limited ambulation they cannot go by bus.

The organization’s director, Aharon Aberman explains “A wig can give a child a good feeling. Many cancer patients are embarrassed to go outdoors following the loss of their hair. Parents organizing an upsherin for their boys are urged to save the hair for us.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. B’H all my grandchildren (even the girls’), have especially grown their hair to donate it for children who are suffering R’L with cancer.

    And, as Charliehall said, it is a tremendous mitzvah!
    Only gezunt and simchos!