IDF Soldier Killed From Rocket Fire [7:50PM IL]


7:50PM IL: It is now cleared for publication that the Israeli killed by rocket fire in the Eshkol Regional Council (reported earlier in Live Blog Day 7 2:33PM IL) area was an IDF soldier. According to the IDF he is Yosef Fartuch HY”D, 18 from Emanuel.

Boruch Dayan Emmes…


  1. BDE, HYD. The Israeli government bears resposibility for his death. Their utter fixation on world opinion is why this fallen soldier was out there like a sitting duck instead of doing his job defending Eretz Yisroel. Hope you’re happy Netanyahu.

  2. #1 you are 100% correct. Netanyahu should be ashamed for giving in to the terrorist and not destroying them. We will be back in the same spot in a few months.

  3. What do u want Netanyahu to do ????? Go into gaza and have another few hundred casualties ???? He is doing his best now don’t find someone to blame the war on please think before u post

  4. #1 and #2 are quite correct. When you go to extreme lengths to protect the Gaza arab “civilians” and thereby put all of the Jews’ lives at risk, you bear the responsibility for the deaths of the soldiers who were sitting around with their hands tied behind their backs by your rediculous policies. “Restraint” is not seen by the arabs or the world as a good thing – it’s a weakness that leads to deaths of innocent Jews.

    As for the “innocent civilians” in Gaza – they are not. They voted for Hamas and the consequences of that are not up to them.

  5. Thank you General Rebyid40 and Master Sergeant Kach 613 for your insight on how to deal with a military casualty.

    I am sure that you have experience in combat, have been hardened to the sight, smell and impact of a soldier’s death, and are prepared to lecture all on correct military tactics.

    If the IDF goes into Gaza, we look forward to your colorful commentary on each and every death of a Zahal service member.

  6. #1 is CORRECT!! This is happening now because of previous cease fires. If Israel would have made it their business to crush them to the bitter end we wouldn’t have this happening today. And now they are talking about cease fire again. For what? Cease fire for a few months and then again more casualties chas v’shalom.

    Hashem, please have mercy on us, and send moshiach already!!

  7. #1 is absolutely correct. And to #6, there IS an alternative in this case to putting soldiers lives at risk. PULL THE PLUG ON POWER, WATER, FUEL ETC, as long as missiles are flying. Then, when the people get weary of living like that and pressure Hamas to quit, you let them know that if/when another missile hits Israel there will be no supplies for a week. Carrot and stick principle…

  8. Bibi follows the footsteps of previous pm’s before him, namely world opinion and usa pressure are more important than doing the job right even at the risk of jewish lives. The last 30years has seen steady erosion of the idf fear factor that arabs once had. Today they throw rocks malotov cocktails etc at police and soldiers, 30 yrs ago they were afraid to glance at soldiers. With proper deterrance only verbal threats would be needed. Its time to take off the gloves

  9. Straight talk- it’s a new generation. These “freedom fighters” never saw real war they only heard the stories from their fathers and grandfathers. As a frum jew you can understand that the Torah called Yishmoel a Perah Udam. What do you expect from his descendants? Right now everyone is doing it in the “Arab Spring” – throwing off their dictators, so the Palestinians look at Israel the same way as Mubarak,Gaddafi, and Asad.