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Ben-Gvir Rejects Proposal for International Visits to Imprisoned Hamas Terrorists

Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir has expressed strong opposition to a proposal allowing international observers to visit Hamas members imprisoned in Israel following their involvement in the October 7 massacre. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, supports the idea of permitting visits by two foreign observers alongside an Israeli judge. This initiative, prompted by a request from Britain, has stirred controversy within the Israeli government.

Ben-Gvir argues that such visits could undermine Israel’s position in negotiations and contends that the conditions of these prisoners are a pressure point against Hamas. He further highlighted the lack of reciprocal visits to Israeli captives held by Hamas, asserting that international bodies have not made similar efforts to visit Israeli abductees.

Ben-Gvir views the demand for inspection visits as an infringement on Israeli sovereignty and insists that any agreement on visits should include similar access to Israelis held in Gaza.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. איתמר ben Gvir is correct on this one, unless he had made such visits absolutely 💯 contingent on hostages receiving visits from foreign dignitaries [I won’t say from red cross, as clearly they have stooped to being a Palestinian extension]

  2. He is absolutely correct, totally unfair that we have not been allowed to see our hostages.

    Once again makes us look really weak!

  3. He’s right. It’s their own country and no reason for others to view terrorists in jail, let them request to see the hostages first, then we’ll talk.

  4. The Israelis should agree, as long as there will be two international observers and an Arab judge visiting all Israelis held prisoner. It should be noted that a major factor in the Holocaust was the decision of the International Red Cross not to exercise its rights to visit concentration camps and interview Jewish prisoners (at least those without “protectsia” usually derived for passports from countries the Red Cross need to keep on their good side). They should be reminded of this, frequently.

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