Double Tragedy: Two Infants Dead After Being Forgotten in Vehicles


mdanAnother two tragedies in which an infant was forgotten in a vehicle in Eretz Yisrael R”L — ending in tragedy.

This first case occurred in Yishuv Shilo in Shomron on Sunday, 7 Menachem Av 5773. The child, a five-month-old boy was left in the family car by the dad for several hours. Police report seven hours. Despite all resuscitation efforts there was little hope for the little boy who was pronounced dead.

And on Monday afternoon, 8 Menachem Av, another child was found in cardiac arrest, left in the family vehicle in Yishuv Dolev, also in Shomron. In this case, the child appears to have been in the vehicle for five hours. MDA paramedics transported the infant to Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv. The child, a girl, was R”L pronounced dead in the hospital. (Conflicting reports place the victim’s age at 18-months, 3-years and 3.5 years).

Just two weeks ago the same occurred with another infant in Ramat Gan. In that case, a nine-month-old girl was left in a vehicle by dad, once again, a fatal outcome.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


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