Coincidence? Obama Camp Peddles 2012 ‘Hoodies’


A lot has been made about the hoodie lately. Not only has Geraldo partially blamed it for the death of Trayvon Martin, but it’s also become a symbol of unity for standing with the slain teen and his family.

So when the Obama camp announced via Twitter yesterday that it was putting its 2012 hoodies on sale, it got some thinking: Is the President trying to capitalize off the death of Martin?

It should be noted that there’s nothing suggesting the above hoodie is a new produce offering. In fact, the sale would suggest it has been around. But even if it’s not a new product, it is still curious as to the timing of the sale. Coincidence?

You decide.

On Monday, the Obama2012 Twitter account sent out this message (click on image to ENLARGE it):

(Source: WTAM)


  1. If the reports in today’s press suggesting the “victim” was shot in self-defense, Obama would serious alienate non-Black voters (the offender was half European, half Hispanic).

  2. Just another proof that this month long delay hubaloo was orchestrated by the regime. The best part is that its backfiring on them!!!!

    Too bad the people who should be most upset about their being played like fools obviously aren’t smart enough to realize it.