PHOTOS: Hero EMT Saves Many In Jerusalem Wedding Hall Ceiling Collapse



Magen David Adom EMT Ephraim Mendlowitz was a guest in a chasenah taking place in the Shirat HaYam Hall on Kanfei Nesharim Street in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Yerushalayim on Thursday night, the eve of 15 Sivan. He noticed that suddenly, a portion of a sheetrock ceiling in the women’s section was collapsing. He acted quickly and calmly, not losing his composure. He began evacuating the woman from the tables while maintaining absolute calm.

A few short minutes later, portions of the hall ceiling collapsed onto tables but due to his actions and Siyata Dishmaya, B’chasdei Hashem the guests had already been evacuated by Ephraim, who may have saved lives and prevented injuries. Persons present called it “A miracle” citing only one person was injured, sustaining light injuries.

There were candles burning on the tables upon which the ceiling fell and they then extinguished the candles, thereby preventing a fire.

Jerusalem District MDA Chief Shlomo Petrover credits the actions of Mendlowitz with preventing injuries to tens of guests.

In addition to the EMS response, the fire department, police and the City Engineer were on the scene. The City Engineer has closed the facility until further notice pending a comprehensive inspection and then repairs to the structure.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)