Jerusalem Old City Resident Beaten Badly By Christians And Then Arrested


Law and order may apply in Israel, but reality presents a different picture for Jews in Jerusalem’s Old City, where all too often the complainant who calls police, the victim, is placed under arrest while police release the assailant, the non-Jew. Clearly there is a policy being implanted by police, one that is not favorable to Jews.

A 35-year-old chareidi resident of Jerusalem’s Old City, married and the father of six B”H, traveled on Sunday morning 17 Sivan 5777 on his bicycle near his home when he was severely beaten by a group of Christians who were involved in a religious event. According to the Christians, as the chareidi man passed he spat on the ground, an act which offended them.

In response, a number of persons in the group began to beat the father of six until he began bleeding. They continued beating him however until passers-by stopped them and extricated the injured man from their wrath. When police arrived, they did not hesitate to act, arresting the chareidi man, releasing the attackers to go about their day.

The injured man was taken to the police station as he was bleeding from his head and face.

Honenu attorney Rechavia Filch arrived at the police station to assist the man. He stated “Once again, we are witness to the helplessness of police regarding the safety of Jewish residents of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is inconceivable that in every event involving a Jew and non-Jew, Israel Police will place the blame on the Jew and regard him to be guilty”.

Filch added “this policy significantly harms the personal feeling of safety and security of Jewish residents of the Old City, and helps violent offenders to walk freely and evade prosecution”.

Filch adds “In his interrogation, my client expressed his strong protest against the severe discrimination and the abandonment of his security as well as filing a complaint against the assailants, and we intend not to remain silent about this injustice and demand answers from those responsible for law enforcement in the area”.

The organization added that if the resident is not released in the near future, they intended to apply to the court with an urgent appeal.

Police have yet to respond.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. With such filthy reprehensible behavior on the part of the Israeli police:- Is it any wonder that Meah Sheorim residents are shouting “Nazis” at the Israeli police?