Remains Of 9/11 Victim Buried In Eretz Yisroel Today


9-11.jpgSix year after the horrific 9/11 attacks, the remains of an Ashdod resident, 30-year-old Alona Avraham HY”D were laid to rest in Eretz Yisroel – Ynet reports. Avraham was a passenger on-board United Airlines flight 175, which struck the South Tower of the WTC.

Alona’s mother, Miriam, told Ynet that she was informed about a month and a half ago that the remains of her daughter were identified using DNA samples.

Her remains arrived in Eretz Yisroel today, inside an Aron placed on a stretcher and draped in an American flag. Hundreds of people attended the Levaya.

Although the family had sat Shiva 6 years ago, they were told to sit Shiva today for one hour.

Alona Abraham HY”D – who was a manufacturing engineer associate for Applied Materials, the largest maker of chip manufacturing equipment – had only been 11 days into her first vacation in the United States on 9/11.


  1. Because good deeds should be remembered: Rabbi Allen Schwartz of Ohab Zedek in Manhattan (the shul at which Rabbi Dr. Philip Hillel Klein zt’l, a member of the Rabbi Jacob Joseph’s zt’l bais din, was rov for 30+ years) and his kehilla organized shemira at the Medical Examiner’s office for more than a year, perhaps two, following 9/11. While shomrim were not permitted in the facility itself, the M.E.’s office provided a heated trailer on-site, and shomrim were there 24/7, usually in four-hour shifts.

    One can examine the finer points of the shemira, as compared to that undertaken when one sits beside and in sight of the aron, but taking into account the particulars of the situation, it was a good deed.