WATCH THIS: Vehicle Goes Airborne And Slams Into 2nd Floor Of California Dental Office


Authorities say two people escaped serious injuries when the car they were in went airborne and slammed into the second floor of a Southern California dental office.

Orange County fire officials say the Nissan Altima hit a center divider early Sunday, soared into the air and plowed into the top floor of the two-story structure in Santa Ana.

The sedan’s front half was wedged inside the building while the back half hung out about 10 feet above a sidewalk.

Two people suffered minor injuries in a bizarre crash Sunday, Jan. 14, 2018, when a car went airborne and slammed into the second floor of a dental office in California.

Officials say a small fire injured one person who managed to get out of the car unassisted. Authorities had to rescue the second person.

Crews will use a crane to remove the car from the building.

Investigators are trying to determine if drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash.



  1. 1. Maybe they were late for their root canal appt? Now, it’s “Doc, EVERYTHING hurts…”
    2. I’d say, it’s the people in the other car, who passed immediately before the runaway car soared over the divide, who must be thankful. Look at the video. They were missed by a fraction of a second, and clearly were saved from a devastating tragedy!
    3. And who will have to pay the damages for this reckless act?