Yeger Hosts Lien Sale Info Session This Thursday


New York City will hold its annual lien sale next month, when outstanding debt from unpaid property taxes, water charges, and other municipal fees are sold to third-party debt collectors. To help New Yorkers settle their debts to the city, Councilman Kalman Yeger is hosting a free informational meeting for property owners with outstanding debt at the Community Board 12 office, located at 5910 13th Avenue in Brooklyn, on Thursday, April 12th, from 5:00-7:00 p.m.

Officials from the City’s Departments of Finance, Environmental Protection, and Housing Preservation and Development will be available to meet with property owners to settle their accounts. It’s also the ideal opportunity for New Yorkers to ask about penalties and fees that they believe are unfair.

“New York City’s property tax and lien system can be extremely complicated,” said Councilman Yeger. “I’m hosting this meeting because I don’t want my constituents to overpay on their taxes, and I definitely don’t want people to have the misery of dealing with professional debt collectors.”

The lien sale occurs on May 16th, so property owners must act before then. The Department of Finance sends warnings to at-risk properties before the sale date, and a list is also available online.

Property owners may be eligible to enter into payment agreements for past-due debts, with no down payment required.


“No one wants to deal with a debt collector, which is what happens if your debt ends up being sold at a lien sale,” said Yeger. “Please don’t let this happen to you or to your elderly family members. This is just a two-hour meeting, but it could save you thousands of dollars and years of tzuris.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)