NYPD Commissioner Visits Satmar Rebbe


YW-Kelly Visits Satmar Willy-010.jpg(Click HERE for photos) This past Thursday afternoon, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly made a personal visit to the Satmar Rebbe from Williamsburg, Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum Shlita to wish the Rebbe and all Satmar Chassidim a safe and secure Yom Tov of Pesach. The Rebbe welcomed the commissioner warmly to his home, and wished him much luck in all his future endeavours, thanked him for his service to the people of NYC, and for providing extra security patrols during the Yomim Tovim. The commissioner also spoke about his growing concerns regarding the recent spike in hate crimes in the Williamsburg neighborhood. He promised to do all he can to ensure that the people responsible for these crimes are apprehended.
After the meeting with the Rebbe ended, the commissioner then made two additional stops in Williamsburg, and was accompanied by various community Askonim, including Abe Friedman, Chief Advisor to New York State Senator Eric Adams; Rabbi Joel Gold, Chaplain for the Ulster County Sheriff Department; Rabbi Simcha Bernad Chaplain for the Sullivan County Sheriff Department and others; Rabbi David Niederman, Executive Director of UJO Williamsburg; and others.

The first stop was at the new Satmar Shul on Ross Street, which is currently under construction. Upon completion, the Shul will be the largest Shul in the US. The commissioner was truly amazed at how large the building will be.
The second, and final stop was at the Satmar Matza Bakery on Broadway. The commissioner spent quite a few minutes of his busy schedule at the bakery, mesmerized at the speed at which Matzos must be completed in. A few boxes of hot, fresh hand matzos were then given to the Commissioner.

He thanked all those which helped arrange the visit, and expressed his hope to be able to visit again soon.