UPDATED – Names of Three Victims of Bulldozer Attack


candle7.gifAuthorities are permitting the publication of the names of two of the Jerusalem terror attack victims.

1- Batsheva Unterman HY”D, 33, a member of the chareidi community and a resident of Yerushalayim’s Bayit Vegan neighborhood.

2- Elizabeth Goren-Friedman HY”D, 54, a resident of the capital. She is being laid to rest in Yerushalayim at 10:30PM Wednesday night. The kevura will take place in Har Menuchos.

Terror Victim Elizabeth (Lily) Goren-Friedman HY”D, 54, led a life of concern, dedicated to teaching the blind.

Elizabeth was crushed to death by the bulldozer. She did not have a chance to escape the lone Jerusalem terrorist.

Elizabeth was known for her dedication to teaching the blind, holding a position of responsibility, creating the curriculum for the program. Colleagues explain that students knew if they required assistance, Lily was the address.

Elizabeth was buried on Wednesday night at 10:30 in Har Menuchos in the presence of family, friends, colleagues from work and students. She is survived by three children, Tzvi (23), Yissachar (19) and Yael (16).

3- Jean Relevy, 68, was a resident of the southern Yerushalayim neighborhood of Gilo. He was one of three victims of the Wednesday bulldozer terror attack in downtown Jerusalem.

Jean immigrated to Israel in 1949 from Iran. He was the youngest of seven children. Family members explained that his mother died several months after he was born and he was essentially raised by his sister.

Jean worked in air conditioning installation and was traveling in a vehicle for work when he became entrapped in the path of the bulldozer.

Jackie, a nephew said that Jean was like his brother, describing him as “a the most unique, intelligent and special and caring people one can meet.”

Jean was anxiously awaiting the birth of his first grandchild next month. “It appears this was just not meant to be” cried Jackie.

He was married to Chana and the couple had three children, two girls and a boy. Funeral arrangements to be announced.

(YWN – Israel Desk)


  1. It’s not appropriate to indicate that someone was from the “chareidi community.” Where people are killed על קידוש השם, everyone is a צדיק PERIOD.

  2. Why do you mention that the Tzadeket Batsheva is a member of the chareidi community? Does that make her murder more or less of a shock and loss? Does it matter? From her name you can safely assume is is Jewish, isn’t that enough?

  3. Grow up!!!!! left brooklyn, you have nothing else to do with your day then to leave a stupid comment! someone just lost a mother,sister,aunt,wife ect and all you care about is what someone else said!!
    hamakom yinachain eschem bisoch shiar avaylai zion biyirushalayim

    i could tell your from brooklyn, only concerned about yourself

  4. Hamakom yenachem eschem btoch sh’ar avelai tzion v’yrushalayim.
    I don’t believe the mention of Mrs. Unterman’s being a member of the chareidi community is meant to say that her murder was more of a loss or shock. Its just a point of identification. It is quite obvious to us all that the loss of any jew is a tragedy.

  5. At this time would it not be apprpriate not to criticize what people wrote or said?Just think about the kedoshim who were so cruely murdered and try to improve our good deeds in their memory. Our hearts cry out to HKB”H for mercy on all members of K’lal Yisroel,each and every one,no matter what background or level of Yiddishkeit! ה י”ד
    שלום על ישראל

  6. You must be living in Israel to understand that labeling someone a charedi is a mere description not of good or bad. In israel it’s not like living among goyim that a jew is a jew no matter where from or what type/to them all black hatters are chassidish etc.. People in Israel are very defined and will define themselves as charedi, daati, daati leumi, chiloni etc. etc… for the regular person each type doesn’t really mean negative or positive. But when it comes to identify someone and Davka in a situation like this where these unfortunate Karbanos are being identified about who and what they are it is thus mentioned that she’s charedi.. Also, a newswebsite will want to post information that readers might want to hear. I’m sure that being that the clientele of this website (which I’m sure is) is mostly charedi/daati, that interests them. That doesn’t mean they have less interest in a chiloni it means that it hits closer to home. (that’s the mere fact) Is that right?? maybe we’ve got to work on ourselves. But meanwhile the newswebsite has got to give all their readers what they want to read about. And yes while I write, I will say that you gotta be smart in life with a balance of sechel and lev. One that’s on a madrega of being a mekabel ol malchus shamayim, Torah V’avoda…. (like most charedim and daatiim) will surely be on a greater level than one that even if Tinok Shenishbi… We are not here to judge the Niftarim Chas Vesholom because if they were taken and chosen as having finished their tafkid in this world then they surely are greater than anything. But if questions are asked about a word that is warranted and rightful to be stated simply for reasons of identification then this is the answer.

  7. WOW i think its fine to say what and were someone is part of
    it help us connect to them on a higher lever haven’t you ever had a conversation with a total stranger and play Jewish geography trying to make some point of reference that you both have in common and them you can start talking like you were friends because you know someone in common

    for me (at the time) it did not matter

    when someone broke the back window of the # 13 bus THAT I WAS ON

    i went to help the 1st person i saw that needed it (i didn’t care who what or where) that was (now i know the name thank you YWN) Elizabeth

    when others appeared (i stopped taking pictures) we all helped extricate Elizabeth (who appeared unconscious to me) and carry her to a waiting Ambulance

    i am so very saddened when i learned that Elizabeth was Niftar/Murdered even before i was their to help
    (BTW Halacha note i now need to have my blood soaked shirt (not my blood but that of the Niftar) needs to be buried along with the wet wipes that i used to clean my hands and arms)

    BTW Elizabeth was a Member of Chovevei Zion Shul (i heard that from my Aunt who is also a member)

    all that matters to me was that JEWS where murdered and yes it hurts me more now that i know someone who knew Elizabeth thats just the way we are

    PS i am thegreatfixer who took all the pictures posted here and was indeed on the bus when it was flipped over

    if anyone hears of Shiva details please let us me know here

    thank you thegreatfixer

  8. here are the Shiva details

    Goren Shiva
    Bilu 5 Telephone: 02-561-0526
    Shacharit: 6:30 AM
    Mincha: 7:30 PM Maariv: 8:15 PM

    Unterman Shiva
    3 Sokolov Telephone: 02-563-7204
    Shacharit: Friday: 8:00 AM; Sunday-Wednesday: 7:00 AM
    Mincha: 7:30 PM Maariv: 8:15 PM

    as long as there is light you can fix