BREAKING STORY: Arab Arrested For Jihad Threats In Boro Park Shul


ywbn11.gifAn Arab male is currently being interrogated by the NYPD after screaming “Jihad threats” in a Boro Park Shul.

Highly credible sources tell YWN that sometime early Monday afternoon, a 36-year-old male entered the ‘Sephardish Shul’ located on 14th Avenue and 45th Street and began reading a paper with various “Jihad-type threats”.

Thanks to the quick response of Boro Park Shomrim, the suspect was quickly apprehended, and was placed under arrest by officers of the NYPD’s 66th Precinct.

Detectives from the NYPD INTEL Division are currently speaking with the ‘Middle-Eastern man’ at the 66 Station-House.

Deputy Inspector Peter DiBlasio along with Brooklyn South Chief Joseph Fox reminds the community “if you see something, say something”.

Additionally, Inspector DiBlasio tells YWN that there is no reason for concern, and assures the community that extra officers have been added to keep the streets safe throughout Purim.

(Eli Gefen – YWN)


  1. Hashem should help it should be like the ness Purim, and all bad people should find themselves another planet…, together with the Iraninan president and his followers, and mushiach should take us to eretz Hakodesh.

    A simchas tumid for the YWN Staff and to all its reders, Thanks as well to all YWN advertisers, All YWN readers should always support you!

  2. Obviously this is just a deranged individual. Please dont make it bigger then it is. Im waiting for someone to start blaming Obama for closing down Gitanuma. A fraliche Purim

  3. Hey Poshiter- If you really want Mashiach, get yourself up, order your tickets & MOVE NOW! Don’t you get it yet? Mashiach is waiting for you to go on your own to ERETZ HACHAIM. He ain’t coming to Boro Park! Nor W’burg, Crown Hights or Baltimore!!!
    Or do you want to end up like the handfull of jews in Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, etc? Or you could just keep on writing lines like this & join the couple of nuts in 770 who do nothing more to bring Mashiach except chant about him. Yeah, that’ll do it.

  4. pushiter yid. keep dreaming. this is only the beginning,tell the boro park oilam to WAKE UP. Its not a good sign when a arab has the guts and motivation to go into a shul and especilly a large one like the sefardishe shul at mincha time and starts making threats or whatever garbage he was spewing from his traife mouth. We cant afford to be laid abck and go about our usual dizzy whizzy boro park lives,and not pay attention to this incident. This is a sign(hopefully i will be wrong)of things to come. Just because we are in boro park and not in israel shouldnt fool the feeble minded in boro park,its DANGEROUS HERE. And if you think that NYPD can stop the terrorists,think again my friend. They couldnt even protect the deposit boxes in the Astoria Savings bank.Hashem should watch over us at all times.

  5. Since we are in acris hayamim, then he should be taken car of swiftly and without stupid comments like this one and the others above.

  6. After the Megilla,there is now a requirement to also read the Koran.Every word the “Ba’al Koran” says will be drowned out by noisemakers,as we do with HOMON>

  7. chaim’s – the stamp of the malchus doesnt matter – modechai was afraid not because of homan, or achashverosh, but because hashem signed the gezerah – if it eren’t signed by hashem, mordechai wouldnt have taken it as the totality that it was(obviously though, it was not absolute, as it was signed in dayo, ink, rather than blood)

  8. Hey tina18, did we offend your multicultural sensibilities? Since when was a Muslim screaming about Jihad anything but a life threat? Or, do you have your head stuck in the ground like an ostrich.