VIDEO & PHOTOS: Grate Collapse At Yeshiva Shaarei Torah Girls School; 30 Injured


b1.jpg11:05AM EST: [YWN PHOTOS & A VIDEO POSTED BELOW] At least 17 children have been injured at Yeshiva Shaarei Torah in Flatbush, when a grate collapsed underneath them, YWN has learned.

Hatzolah from Flatbush, Boro Park, & Crown heights have dispatched t least 10 ambulances to the scene located at Ocean Parkway and Church Avenue, and dozens of Hatzolah members & Paramedics were scrambled to treat the victims.

The FDNY and NYPD ESU were requested to respond as well as ambulances from the FDNY.

Initial reports tell YWN that the girls were dancing / playing on the grate (located in the driveway of the school), when it suddenly gave way underneath them – sending them plunging at least 2 stories underground.

As of this posting, 17 children have already been extricated from the basement of the Yeshiva building , which is attached to this pit.

So far, none of the injuries are reported to be life threatening.

Further details along with photos will be posted shortly.

YWN PHOTO & VIDEO LINKS: Click HERE for YWN photos, and HERE for a video.

FINAL UPDATE: Contrary to media reports, YWN has reconfirmed our earlier report that there are NO life-threatening injuries from this incident. Most injuries are fractures. The total patient count is 33, with some at Lutheran Trauma Center, Maimonides Hospital, and Methodist Hospital.

(YWN HPO Staff)


  1. from WCBS:

    EMS responded to the scene Friday morning. Around 20 injuries were reported.

    At least two students were in serious condition. They were removed to Lutheran Hospital in serious condition.

  2. Please pray for these Shaare girls:

    Aliza bat Shoshana
    Frida bat Esther
    Rivka bat Penina
    Esther bat Sharon
    Miriam bat Esther
    Kayla bat Simona
    Batya bat Esther
    Aliza bat Alison

  3. Dear All,

    I too pray and hope that the girls will all return to their homes for Shabbat safe and sound. However, I would like to raise a point in which I feel strongly about. There is a line which distinguishes between being informed about our community and being yentas and obssesed with others business. This article has a link to the pictures and a video of the incident. IS IT NECESSARY? Do we need 82 pictures (yes thats what the link has, 82 pics) from every angle and of every moment. We have become so used to the concept of knowing everyhting at all times that we dont bother to ask “is it my business”? Do i need to see the details? Yes, its good to know what happened so that we can daven for them and perhaps understand what happened so that we can try to correct it, but do we need to know every detail. I dont blame YWN for posting them, because they are just feeding into our needs, but the fact that this has become part of our needs, is a sad statement.

    Shabbat Shalom

  4. b’h chilling event on this rosh codesh sivan that we pray for our children, sounds like that is what saved them. an awakening for all to trust in Hashem! Shabbat Shalom to our girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we love you

  5. I totally agree, while there is nothng wrong with showing Hatzolah doing their wonderful work, the pictures of girls lying on stretchers is a lack of kavod for everyone involved. I am sure the families of the injured would agree when I say those pics should be removed.

  6. Bizrizut I agree with u may all the girl have a refua shelama bekarov and hopefully they are all home for shabos
    Good shabos

  7. Mbd how would u like it if it was a picture of ur daughter or grand daughter on ywn some privacy the ppl do diserve. That y when somethng happend last week in bp and someone said let’s post it the family said no way

  8. #15 Although I agree that there are far too many pictures, but I really don’t know what you are upset about. No faces are recognizable of any of the girls on stretchers and if anything the pictures show how tzniusdig B”H all these girls are dressed even at the time of their injuries. May they all have a refuoh shleimoh bekorov.

  9. #10 woah calm down! – so dont look at the pics will it ruin your life? be happy with what you have and dont complain . we have a lot of pain in the community (ppl. sick, this….. swine flu causing school to close…) and bh will be over . ywn is NOT for complaining.

  10. I would like to add one more name. Please daven for Sarah Malka Bas Esther together with the other girls. Thank You Very Much