Small School. Big Chance of Winning – Last Chance for Early Bird Special




On Sunday, March 6, 2016 Providence Hebrew Day School/New England Academy of Torah will be holding a unique fundraiser: Cooking For a Cause.  This event, which also marks the 70th anniversary of PHDS/NEAT, will feature renowned kosher chef, Elizabeth Kurtz, and will be combined with a Chinese auction, which is already open online at

With the multitude of day schools gracing the Jewish landscape, there are many opportunities to support Jewish education, however, few establishments are in the unique position to welcome and nurture those high school girls from mainstream communities within in the Tri-State area (including Lakewood, Brooklyn, and Monsey) who need extra support and the room to develop a relationship with Hashem at their own pace.

Furthermore, Providence serves an important role in the Kiruv world – providing a safe,warm and accepting community for those new to Torah observance to educate their children in a Torah true environment, alongside the children of Klei Kodesh.  PHDS/NEAT has a long history of matriculating top-notch students imbued with core Jewish values of kindness, respect, and a strong moral code.

The early bird special will be active until February 29th– don’t miss out! In addition, a FREE copy of Celebrate! by Elizabeth Kurtz will be sent to all those who order at least $250 worth of tickets.

All funds raised from this event will support PHDS/NEAT’s financial aid campaign – ensuring that ALL students, regardless of their families’ financial capacity, are able to receive a Torah true education.  Please support our efforts by visiting us at to place your bid or donate directly to our event.