Frum Couple Bound & Gagged In Failed Burglary


Stamford Hill, London – A Stamford Hill couple were attacked and tied up by a gang of burglars who broke into their home in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

It is believed the five-strong gang entered the Castlewood Road property through an unsecured window.

They woke the couple, who are in their early thirties. Their children were asleep in other rooms.

After tying them up and assaulting them, the gang took the keys to the husband’s office in Clapton Common but failed to open it. They otherwise fled the house empty-handed.

Sources tell YWN that the victim is a Heimishe money changer.

Hackney Police said it had been “a frightening experience for this young couple. This is a very serious crime and we have a large team of officers working very hard to find the men who did this. The community is rallying round the family to give them every support.”

The gang were thought to have left the house at 6.15am and police were summoned two minutes later. The suspects are described as white men of slim build, who spoke in a foreign language. Police are studying hours of CCTV footage to find out how the gang moved around the area.

Police want to hear “from anyone who was in that area between 4.30 and 6.30 on Tuesday morning”. Anyone with information should contact DS Luke Pagoni on 020 7275 3232 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

(Source: YWN-NYC)


  1. And in England you are not allowed to defend yourself. Gonna happen here if we don’t wake up.
    If someone breaks into your home, his life is forfeit. I’d rather be tried by twelve than carried by six.

  2. As the overall economic climate gets worse, surely all of you are hearing about more and more home invasions here in our own neighborhoods.
    Take the time to find out how to legally and safely arm yourself.
    If you think you can just call 911, by the time they come the criminals will be long gone – as so, chalila, you may be too.

  3. Chushuva yid I believe it means the gang had 5 members in it so a 5 member ‘strong’ gang would be ‘stronger’ then a 4 member gang.

    These home invasions are increasing because the criminals go through the revolving door of the so called ‘justice system’.

    This is what happens when to many people agitate for the ending the Death Penalty and want to ‘save’ convicted murderers.