Skverer Rebbe On Computers In The Home

(Thursday, November 24th, 2011 11:51 AM)

Thousands of chassidim were present for the yahrzeit seuda for the Baal HaMaor Einayim ZY”A of Chernobyl, the “father” of the current Skverer dynasty.

Rabbi Yosef Yisrael Eisenberger, a member of the Skverer Badatz got up to address the tzibur. He told the tzibur that he was speaking on behalf of the Skverer Rebbe Shlita, who calls on all those with a computer in their home to remove it.

The rav stated that the kol korei from the rebbe shlita represents a new regulation in their ‘takanon’, and it refers to all computers, those with or without a connection to the internet. Regarding those who work at home, or in a side room or storage room of the home, they must simply find a new place to work as the computer must be removed from all homes in the community, without exception, stating a computer cannot remain in a place where one’s family resides.

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Rabbi Eisenberger added the rebbe is aware this new regulation will not be an easy one for the tzibur to accept and comply with, but due to the ‘victims’ claimed by computers in homes, their simply is no alternative to removing the computers from homes.

After the rav spoke the rebbe shlita addressed the tzibur, explaining the importance of adhering to the new regulation. The rebbe explained he is aware of the good that comes from computers, including towards education for the little ones, but the dangers that lurk simply outweigh those considerations.

As a result, today, the hundreds of chassidim who have been working at home are now seeking office space to adhere to the rebbe’s words, the weekly BaKehilla reports. A vaad has been established to assist them in ‘purifying’ their office and finding suitable lodging for their businesses.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. aries2756 says:

    So what is the Rebbe’s suggestion for all those children who are assisted by computer technology?

  2. david_inuk says:

    Great idea!

    Banish all computers to private places so that those who get entangled in their mesh can now do so in private and uninterrupted bliss.

  3. Dave Hirsch says:

    One who won’t comply with the new Takana will be fired, literally.

  4. zionflag says:

    Help victims of computer with tools, strategies and aids. Do not continue with BANS, rather model and teach proper behaviour.

  5. mytake says:

    How will they know if a resident complied or not? Surprise mandatory inspections?

  6. twinguy says:

    I wonder who will be the one renting out all this office space and if he had anything to do with this decision.

  7. 2pence says:

    The more the flock is unable to function in the world on their own, the more dependent on, and obedient to, the shepherd they become.

  8. rikki says:

    The computers will be removed, I imagine!!!!!! Will the abusers be removed as well? They should be thrown out of the homes–computers can be controlled by parental control by turning them off and/or locking with a key !!
    The “problems” are not all computer generated. They’re caused by the childrens’ and parents’ eyes being opened to the real world.

  9. takingabreak says:

    thank you to all the geonim with their cynical remarks. when you become a rebbe let me know. the fact that we find it diffucult to do does not mean that he is not right

  10. Yatzmich says:

    Some people think they’re smarter than the Skvere Rebbe Shlit”a.
    To them I say; Instead of removing the poison and hazardous materials from your house, “rather model and teach proper behaviour.”

  11. WIY says:

    If this can be pulled off in a successful way that peoples parnassos are not affected then its a great move.

  12. Ben Torah2 says:

    #2 True, it may not be good for the adult user; but, I believe what the Rebbe’s main concern here for the new takona is the bnei bayis, the pure neshamos of the children and the seviva of the home bichlal.
    Tragically, there have been too numerous cases of computers at home with all the safeguards that have destroyed neshamos of the youth from very good homes.

  13. Babishka says:

    All you people here who are saying that this is the correct thing to do, how did you post to this blog? Did you write out you letters by hand and send them in the mail?

  14. zionflag says:

    #10 That is the reason that we do not remove cleansing agents, detergents and oven cleaners from the house, we “model and teach proper behaviour”. Show the child the locked cabinet, keep it locked, use it under parental supervision and only when needed. True to a T.

  15. mark levin says:

    I guess there is a black friday sale on computers at Rt 45 & Washington Ave??


  16. RABBAIM says:

    1-How many of those who are critical and even denigrate will run to New Square to seek counsel and Bracha from this Rebbe if Chas Vshalom you are faced with a serious crisis??
    2- How many Talmidim who are special bachurim have inadvertently been exposed to a dark world because the computer is in the house?? How many who do not have internet access or even have multiple filters are handed a CD or DVD by a “friend” only to be exposed to a world of exposure. I cry too often with Talmidim who are struggling to regain a sense of self and purpose….. and the mourning of the loss of their purity will be never ending because it is lost forever.
    3- How many married men have accidentally been ensnared by Yetzer Horah when we all would swear it couldn’t happen to them?? Why are Batei Dinim overflowing with Gittin as a result of issurim which began with internet activity??
    There is a big picture……….

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