Poll Shows Likud And Yesh Atid Are Neck And Neck


A poll released on motzei Shabbos by Channel 10 News shows if elections for Knesset were held today, Likud would remain the largest party but would be fighting for first place with Yesh Atid, which follows in second place with one seat less than Likud.

The poll was taken by Project HaMidgam and Stat-Net companies for Channel 10 and directed by Prof. Camil Fuchs.

Likud remains the largest party with 26 seats with Yesh Atid close behind with 25. In third place, albeit far behind, are Bayit Yehudi and the Arab bloc, both with 13 seats.

Other results include:

Machane Tzioni: 10

Yisrael Beitenu 7

Yahadut Hatorah 7

Meretz 7

Shas 6

Kulanu 6

Moshe Ya’alon’s party fails to earn minimum to enter Knesset.

34% of voters remain undecided at this time.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. 1. Almost all polls, worldwide, are becoming unreliable (probably due to changes in how people communicate).

    2. One-third “undecided”, under proportional representation, means your results are meaningless. The poll shows Likud and Lapid have perhaps 18 seats, with 40 seats undecided. To be useful, the poll has to show who is undecided (people choosing between Netanyahu and Lapid, or people choosing between Labor and the Arabs, etc.).

  2. Lapid’s “close race” with Netanyahu is as accurate as Fakestream polls for Hillary. Media lies in Israel doesn’t matter much because most people don’t believe it anyhow, but in the US the liberal loonies are still having a hard time coping with it.