PHOTOS: ‘Peleg Yerushalmi’ Protests Underway; Tens Of Thousands Inconvenienced; Light Rail And Buses Stopped; Arrests Made



  1. This woman dragging the chareidi man (not the first obscene picture by women against chareidi men) is precisely the reason why Rav Auerbach shlit”a – following shitas Chazon Ish zt”l and Rav Eliyashiv zt”l – is against his talmidim going to the recruitment office where women officers sit down next to or in between chareidim men and ask them “important” questions like “how many girl friends do you have?”

  2. The security forces should send their most experienced women officers to break up these demonstrations and drag away the Chareidi hooligans to jail….I suspect the combination of their fondness for negiah and having some water cannon provide a refreshing cool-down would provide some level of deterrent effect.

  3. # 2 If the guy would not resist the arrest he would not be touched by that female. Maybe he enjoys that, who knows. If that guy would not disturb traffic and other people’s life, he would not be arrested so please don’t make him into a victim. He breaks the law, and deserves the punishment.

  4. This is only regarding recruitment, could you imagine what it looks like in the mixed IDF where men and women use the same bathroom and women may go into men’s bedrooms and men are forced to hear women sing.

  5. # 5 and all those things you mentioned are not worse than the Chillul Hashem those losers create. Those adam lemakom aveiros are forgiven on Yom Kippur, and there is no tshuvah for the behavior of those “so called frum” yiden.

  6. # 2 Arye,

    You are off the rocker. These guys cause many people including b’nei Torah to suffer, missing appointments, losing time from work, picking up children, not getting to their chevusas, etc….

    I personally think each and every Peleg protester should be made to suffer for the suffering that he causes to the tzibbur.

    And I include Auerbach too! This is NOT the derech of Rav Stieneman or Rav Kenievsky! It is NOT the derech of the Torah, since it says, “all its ways are that of pleasantness”!