Mayor Bloomberg Taking New Step on Smoking


Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday plans to propose legislation that would require residential buildings to adopt written policies on where smoking is permitted or prohibited and disclose those rules to prospective tenants and owners, a move that officials predict could increase the number of smoke-free apartment buildings in New York City.

“We think that people ought to know whether they might be exposed to second-hand smoke in their apartment before they decide whether to rent or buy,” said Dr. Thomas Farley, commissioner of the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “We know that second-smoke can go from one apartment to the other and that it can get at levels that are high enough to have health risks.”



  1. Does Bloomberg realize that he wasn’t hired to legislate rather to administrate? I’m sick of him & eagerly await the end of his term. I hope when he does finally leave office the next Mayor will allow us to remove the straight jackets Bloomberg has put us in.

  2. Awright Bloomy enough is enough. Be a good little socialist liberal and tell us where you really stand on smoking. You tax the daylights out of cigarettes and you have all these anti-smoking laws so that “people will stop smoking” but on the flip side if people DO stop smoking, what will you tax next to make up for lost revenue?

    Liberalism is a disease!!

  3. There’s no arguing that this piece of legislation will save lives!

    So what religion do you people believe in that makes you say people should die because of your vague ideas about the role of government!?

  4. There’s no arguing that this piece of legislation will save lives!

    Really? How is there no arguing this? I doubt it will save anybody’s life; it will just make life harder for those who choose to smoke. But even if it would save lives, where does the government get the right to save people from themselves?