Hunger-Striking Terrorists To Be Moved From Israeli Prison To Hospital


We may not ever know if the video showing arch terrorist Marwan Barghouti eating is legitimate as claimed by Israeli authorities, or an edited forgery, as claimed by his wife and supporters.

Whatever the case may be, the hunger strike he is leading is far from fading it now appears, and Israel Prison Authority officials are preparing to move hunger-striking terrorists to a geriatric facility in Rishon L’Tzion. On the one hand, they wish to keep the prisoners out of hospitals, and there are also security concerns as we are dealing with 856 hunger-strikers, according the Yisrael Hayom daily.

The possibility of setting up a field hospital near the prison to treat the hunger-strikers seems to have been abandoned, at least for now.

Prison officials are however being active and not just watching the hunger-strikers deteriorate. Following consultations with Health Ministry officials, they are receiving vitamins and salt as well as permitted cigarettes. It is explained the vitamins and salt will assist in preventing irreversible damage.

Barghouti has also sent a letter to the Shin Bet demanding that he be treated like Jewish security prisoners, which is not the case to date.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Can someone please explain why anyone cares if they hunger strike? If someone chooses not to eat the food provided to them, it’s their choice…no?

  2. Why do u think the video is a fake?
    I saw in tge HIDABROOT site a psak from Rav Eliyah ZT”L that he says that after an Arab – let’s say during Ramadan – he 4- day fast – for Moslems – that if it Erev Pesach one is OBLIGATED to check for Chomets in bathroms etc where an Arab may haave been as many times thye cheat n theitr fasting!!!!
    He ahs been gone a few yrs already – so it has NOTHING to do with the video