Chareidim Banned From Ramat Aviv Mall


The following story occurred in the Ramat Aviv Shopping Center. A chossid who arrived at the mall’s entrance was prohibited from entering by the security guard. The guard explained to the man that he received orders “from above” and he cannot permit him to enter since being dressed in chareidi garb will make visitors “uncomfortable”.

Famous singer Yehoram Gaon was at the mall entrance when the incident occurred, and he confirmed the events during his erev Shabbos radio program ‘Gaon on the Radio’, telling listeners “the treatment of the man was worse than the treatment of Jews in Berlin in 1939”.

He went on to explain what he saw. “I was astounded when I saw the chossid arguing at the entrance because he was being barred from going inside. He was simply blocked from coming in like the rest of us because of his beard, peyos and black clothing.

“I asked the guard ‘Why isn’t he permitted inside? He explained ‘I am just obeying orders’. Did you hear this? This was the directive from the management of the mall, Ramat Aviv Mall. The guard was instructed to prohibit chareidim from entering because those seated in eateries will feel uncomfortable. We must applaud the management for being so concerned with the appetite of customers”.

Many heard the story since it was aired by Gaon, but at least one person, chareidi businessman Chaim Ravaad decided to do something. Ravaad along with a number of “known personalities in the chareidi community” announced on motzei shabbos that if the mall’s management does not fire the guard along with others responsible for the policy, they will use all means at their disposal to take legal action against the mall.

“We will act in every legal way possible against the racist policy of the mall. We are demanding the dismissal of the manager and/or all those responsible for the decision” he announced.

In addition, they are planning to organize buses of chareidim to visit the mall, to protest against the discriminatory policy.

Click HERE to watch a video of the man being refused entry to the mall.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. With all the Charedim trying to prevent people they don’t like from being in “their” areas, I’m tempted to say that turnabout is fair play.

  2. On Friday a dati Russian/Israeli soldier died defending the country. May his memory be blessed.

    A little introspection of the Charedi community as to how/why we have come to this.

    As long as the public sees/perceives that the Charedi sector is unwilling to give their blood to protect other Jews this will only get worse.

  3. Why punish the security guard who is probably a poor Russian or Ethiopian trying to make a living and therefore obeying instructions from his boss. It is the management of the mall who should bear responsibility for this outrageous discrimination!

  4. Perhaps we should support this and find a way to make this legal… One day, Im Yeitz Hahem, this mall will be owned by and cater for the forthcoming overwhelming % of the Jewish Israeli population and we strickly orthodox shoppers may want to keep out people dressed (or undressed) in ways that make us feel uncomfortable.

  5. For sure action should be taken, and the mall should issue an apology. But the guard should not be fired, he was following orders, perhaps his job depended on it.

  6. Is the mall’s ban on chareidim or beards and peyos? Would they permit a yeshivishe yungerman dressed in a suit, hat, and clean shaven? What about a chiloni with a beard? Some lawyer is going to clean up with this plum.

  7. YWN, Please make these vids avail for people who have filters and obeying the rules of our gedoilim….! Thanks in advance!

  8. B”H that there are apparently so many jews who, despite over a hundred years of secular onslaught in EY, still feel uncomfortable seeing a strictly orthodox jew while they are munching on their cheeseburgers. The pintele yid deep inside…

  9. There should be an inquiry made by the proper authorities and public apoligies should be made. But this is very, very far from 1938. Israel is a democracy run by Jews, and as an institution is the largest supporter of limud hatorah in the world.

  10. this is wonderful !
    halevay all frum yidden should be kicked out of malls – both in Israel & abroad – those places are notorious for pritzus, and the mall owners now have one extra zchus for saving this man’s neshoma

  11. The issue of whom Charedim want in “their” areas has nothing to do with liking them. It has to do with asking people who come into “their” areas to dress modestly.

    If the security guard was following orders, he should not be fired; but he should have called someone from the mall management to come down and explain the policy.

    However, legal action should be taken against the mall management for discrimination, and the mall management should issue an apology.

  12. To be fair to the mall’s management I believe the hebrew article linked to should be read carefully.
    The policy was specifically against the Chabad tfillin campaign.
    Not that I’m against Chabad or Tfillim cv”s – but just let’s be fair and state what the management stated.
    They received complaints from customers that felt harrased by the Chabadnik’s bothering them about putting on tfillin.
    So they specifically targeted Chabad – not all frum pepole.
    Still very bad but not the same

  13. Something is missing here. This seems more like an ambush than a spontaneous event. Camera, protesters and victim are all lined up. Could be it was a justified ambush due to previous unrecorded events or maybe something else is going on. In any case, the action is clearly illegal. That of course does not mean any action will be taken. Israel has a dual legal system. One set of laws for those inside the system and a separate set of (unofficial) laws for those outside the system. It should nevertheless be interesting how this pans out.

  14. Perhaps management does not allow missionizing mishichistim at the mall, and that is understandable. I did not see peyos on the fellow; only a mishichist kipa.

  15. Nu, the Nazis didn’t like Jew-looking people and the zionists don’t. What’s the surprise? They’ve worked together in the past.

  16. עיקר חסר מן הספר
    its quite usual in journalism, to make a sensation out of a story. But from what I’m reading, whether fully explained or not, I would beg to differ on those assuming that Haredi forcing their way of life must be respected. It actually seems quite strange that Charedim should even care that this guy wasn’t allowed in. Buses are demanded to be separate for men and women in the Frum areas. Chilonim are not allowed to move into Frum areas. And often ridiculed when entering frum areas. (funny how they won’t dare to this in Chutz Lurutz, and oh no, they don’t believe in the Mdina) All this is understandable, it is to preserve our Frum way of life. But the Chilonim that feel threatened by Charedim forcing upon them their way of life, must be accepted too. Wouldn’t this policy be fine from a Haskafic point of view, in order to make sure Frum people don’t enter sitfalls, going to places they shouldn’t.
    But there could be an additional factor which might be of concern here. What if there’s a Doctors office this guy needed to visit? In Israel often to get to your Doctor you have to go through a mall. The entire Hadassa Eyin Keren Hospital is connected to a shopping center. If this was the case then it is a serious issue, not really a joke, or a Hashkafa Shaila.

  17. #2:
    No, it will only get worse as long as there are anti-semites from within like you!
    How do you or that security guard know that this “chareidi” did not serve in the military in any capacity?
    Did you ever lift a finger in service of the country? I hope you did if you’re shooting your virtual mouth off.
    Did the security guard do such a thorough job barring any shoplifters or potential terrorists?
    Just food for thought…..

  18. Why would a chareidi chosid want to shop in a mall anyway? Here in the USA I avoid going to malls because of all the Pritzus. I think Chareidim don’t belong in malls and Chilonim shouldn’t go to Meah Shearim dressed in their untsniusdik clothing just to gawp at the “quaint old fashioned shtetl Yidden”. If they go there to learn something and have proper respect, they should come dressed appropriately, but, if they think they can come and stare like in the zoo, then they should stay out.

  19. Wow- someone actually agrees with me !

    I have great respect for the Charedi sector and way of life. But the sooner they come to grips with reality, the better.

    Reality is 1) work 2) pay taxes 3) in Israel serve in the army.

    Don’t expect the population to subsidize you without you giving back anything in a tangible return. The population does not understand the concept of Lemut Torah and Tefilla “protecting” them. They see things in concete terms- and in Israel that means blood. Are Charedim willing to do die for Eretz Yisroel ? That is the key question going forward as the Charedii population increases.

  20. Before anyone jumps to conclusions it is only fair to read the response by the mall which is as follows:

    “Ramat Aviv Mall is open to the entire general public, and welcomes everyone regardless of religion, sex or race. Hundreds of thousands of people from all parts of the populace visit the mall annually. It is important to stress that there is a synagogue in the mall that is open throughout the mall’s hours of activity, and that the mall does not operate on Shabbat.

    “Following intensive activity by Chabad people throughout the mall, we received many complaints from customers and business owners in the mall, who feel disturbed by this activity. In view of this, we asked the Chabad people who come to the mall to respect [their wishes] and avoid holding their activities within the mall.”

  21. the real story

    A man from the hassidic Chabad stream was denied entry to the Ramat Aviv Shopping Mall Friday. The man routinely asks shoppers if they are interested in putting on tefillin, or phylacteries, and saying some prayers, and assists them in doing so if they agree.

    The Chabad man was told that he causes business owners to feel “uneasy.” The security man who prevented his entrance said that he was acting upon instructions from the mall’s management.

  22. If the Chabadnik’s are harassing customers about putting on Tifillin; then I don’t blame the customers for not wanting the Chabadnik’s in the mall.

    But if this person just wants to make a purchase,

    or as #20 wrote above, he needs to get through the mall to see his doctor,

    then he shouldn’t be discriminated against.

    The security guards need to be educated about which is which.

  23. This article is so off! YWN should be embarassed for the lies and incitement in this writting.
    This mall is closed on SHabbat, and has a Beit Kenneset in it that is open during all the mall hours!
    In response to complaints, the mall has ordered security to not allow tefillin layers to come in and get people to tie. This mall is a private property, and there is nothing to say you can do this halachically in someone elses property! In fact, according to halachah, a person may throw anyone off of their property as they see fit, it is their property, and those not deisred must leave when told!
    This arrtilce and its headline are inflamitory and more than misleading, it is trumped up lies!

  24. The new information just makes it worse. Now we know that the mall is not biased against charedim — instead they’re against the Torah itself! Charedim are welcome to come and spend money and eat and enjoy themselves, but if they come to help people then they are barred! All kinds of services are offered in the mall, including — as they proudly point out — a shul; but a real service that every week helps hundreds of people put on tefillin? Zos lo. This shows that the shul is also a sham. What is the point of a shul if it sits by itself and only serves those who seek it out? What about the yiddishe neshomos who don’t seek it out? Who will save them from their ignorance and from the status of קרקפתא דלא מנח תפלין ר״ל?

  25. In ten years or so, our birthrates will solve this problem. The wealth invested in that mall will go where it’s supposed to: support and housing for thousands of avreichim.