Eliyahu Was Diagnosed With Cancer. Then His Wife Raila Was Put On Complete Bedrest. How Will They Get By?



Eliyahu K. of Beit Shemesh worked hard to support his family until he was diagnosed with cancer. Then his wife Raila was put on complete bedrest. Now, neither parent is available for their children. With both parents out of commission, how will they get by?

A few months ago, when Eliyahu K. of Beit Shemesh suddenly fainted in the middle of the street, falling and breaking his leg, no one knew why he collapsed. Concerned family members assumed it must be because the dedicated 41-year- old father of 9, was just so busy. Working in the past as a sofer, and most recently as a therapist helping couples and troubled teens, Eliyahu was used to working 14 hour days, often keeping late hours.

After undergoing surgery and physical therapy for his leg, Eliyahu was able to walk again but his family noticed that something still wasn’t right. His color was off, and he didn’t feel well. At his wife Raila’s urging, he underwent a battery of medical tests, which revealed frightening news. Eliyahu had a tumor just above his kidney. It was affecting his whole body, and contributed to his initial collapse.

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Raila, who was several months pregnant, was deeply concerned. In addition to running their busy home and taking care of their children, she was now supporting Eliyahu during his next stages of treatment. He was hospitalized for surgery again, this time to remove the tumor, and then he started rounds of chemotherapy. The treatment caused him extreme weakness. He couldn’t work anymore, slept most of the time, and Ralia was trying to do it all. She was now the main caretaker in the family.

The constant anguish over Eliyahu’s health, the medical bills that were piling up, and all the work she was doing, it was extremely hard on Raila. She also worried about paying off bills from one child’s wedding and how she would pay for another one coming up this year. To make matters worse, one afternoon around Pesach time, Raila started to go into preterm labor. She was rushed to the hospital and thankfully doctors were able to stop it from progressing. But they insisted that she go on complete bedrest until their baby is due G-d willing, in August.

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The K. children were missing their father throughout his illness but ever since their mother’s close call, they’ve been missing both parents. Eliyahu ben Chava Manche is still out of commission as he undergoes treatments, with doctors unsure of what his next steps will be. Raila is following her doctors’ orders and is off her feet, completely unable to run her home.

The situation has deteriorated terribly. As of now, Eliyahu’s medical bills are at $10,000 but they are likely to increase. Monthly bills for food, electricity and basic essentials for all the family members continue to grow, without an end in sight. There is no income now, to pay for any of these. And soon, new baby expenses will be added to the debt.

The emotional stress is also taking its toll and the K.s have become a family of worry. Eliyahu and Raila, both in weakened conditions, are desperately worried about one another, and of course, their children. The kids worry about their parents and are trying to get by without them. An aunt has been stepping in to help with housework and watch the youngest children but there is an overwhelming amount to do and no budget to work with.

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We are working to prevent the K. family from totally collapsing and we need your help. Our goal is to raise $10,000 which will assist with their most pressing needs. Money raised will go towards six months of basic upkeep of their home including housekeeping help, food assistance, childcare support and other needs. Your contributions will help the K.s regain a sense of normalcy during this challenging time, thereby relieving some of the terrible stress they are under. Thank you for reaching out to help them!