20,000 NIS Fine for Cursing a Chareidi Man


According to a report appearing in the local Zman HaDarom newspaper, a local business owner was fined 20,000 NIS by the Ashdod Magistrate’s Court for speaking abusively to chareidim.

This story begins two years ago, when a chareidi couple arrived in a lumber supply store asking to buy a do-it-yourself cabinet. The worker inquired with the owner as to the possibility of expediting delivery and the result was a verbal insult. The wife left the store hysterical and began crying.

Seeing the hysterical women, the store owner added “I won’t sell to them. Get out of my store!” other shoppers confirmed the store owner did not stop there, but then added choice words against the couple and chareidim.

In this case, the man decided to not let it go and he hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit against the store owner. When hearing of the suit, the store owner responded that the lawsuit is bogus and it lacks any substance. Ultimately, the case was brought to court and the court was not convinced to side with the store owner, specifically throwing the couple out of the store without cause. The court ruled the store owner must pay the couple 20,000 NIS in compensation.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “the case was brought to court and the court was not convinced to side with the store owner” — oF COURSE IT WAS NOT CONVINCED to side with the store owner, he acted against the law. Glad that the man brought this case to court. AMEN.

  2. What kind of democracy fines someone 20,000 NIS to curse at a fellow human being. If I were this store owner I would counter sue. Sticks and stones may brake my bones, but names will never hurt me. And 20,000 for some names? Its sick