Gafne Envisions A Committee That Would Approve Chilul Shabbos


The chareidi parties in Knesset continue meeting to discuss Chilul Shabbos by state agencies and they are now leaning towards the establishment of a committee which will be responsible for maintaining the Shabbos status quo. This committee would decide if a state agency may be mechalel Shabbos.

MK Uri Maklev envisions the committee would include professionals from relevant agencies as well as public representatives. The committee he hopes will avoid a ministry like the Ministry of Transportation deciding unilaterally to permit working on the Ayalon or another roadway without consulting with rabbonim ahead of time. The committee they explain would be run by the MKs, and not by the government ministries.

Maklev adds the alternative is a simple one, breaking from the coalition if there is no change, namely a cessation in the weekly Chilul Shabbos seen in recent weeks.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)