Monticello: Rodent-Infested Sullivan Walmart Fails Fifth Inspection

(Sunday, June 10th, 2012 10:12 AM)

The Wal-Mart store in the Town of Thompson has failed its fifth consecutive state Department of Agriculture and Markets inspection. As a result, there will be a state hearing in Albany next Wednesday to determine if the store’s food processing license will be revoked.

The latest inspection in which the store’s food processing failed its sanitary test came on Thursday, June 7.

The same problems as were observed in prior inspections were noted this time, specifically fresh appearing rodent droppings, gnaw marks on candy bars and other snack foods. At least six areas were cited for having rodent droppings. They were written up as “critical deficiencies” in the inspection.

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Other shortcomings, written up as “general deficiencies,” included old pet food residue on the flood, a hole in a lower wall behind baby Pampers racks, missing ceiling panel in the deli equipment/sink ware washing area, and at least five old appearing mouse dropping areas.

Other deficiencies included non-food contact surfaces, the area under the turkey cold cut display in the deli cooler exhibited an accumulation of dried food residences, ice and frost build up in the walk-in-freezer, a knife handle improperly maintained with tape, chicken rotisserie holders exhibited black flaking residue, and a thermometer was not provided in a hot holding unit.

If the state agency revokes the store’s food processing permit, the rest of the store may continue to operate as normal, but it would not be allowed to sell foods that are processed in the store. It could, however, reapply at some point and prove to the inspectors that the problems have been rectified.

(Source: MidHudsonNews)

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  1. avi732 says:

    Am I a conspiritist thinking that maybe their competition Shoprite is sabatoging Walmart?

  2. Milhouse says:

    #1, is a “conspiritist” a person who drinks in company?

  3. mark levin says:

    I wonder how much corporate knows about this as they are very strict in food manufacturing facilities.

  4. admitnothing says:

    I was in the store last week as the I section was underway. They removed a display of beef jerky off of a shelf in a check out aisle and the shelf was covered with droppings. Very disgusting.

  5. Savlanut says:

    Us rodents are merely reclaiming our ancestral land occupied by the imperialist Wallmart regime. Once they have completed the reclaimation of the food prepertion territories, these will be known as the pre-2012 borders. The disputed pharmacy territories and of course the managerial offices heights will be subject to raids by our fearless Rodent Raiders. Oh spineless humans beware our great Rodent War-Cry “Allah Ahkbar”. The Rodent Empire Cometh!

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