Tzfat Home Destroyed But Tefilin Unscathed


The major blaze in Tzfat on Sunday, 22 Tammuz led to the destruction of property, including some homes R”L. B’chasdei Hashem, there was no loss of life and no serious injuries despite the destruction.

One story reported by Ladaat News is that of the Hillel family, who unfortunately lost their home to the fire. The woman, who lost her husband a few months ago, experienced a fire in a house that was caused by a short circuit. This tragedy and the disaster that followed when she lost her husband brought the woman to live alone.

Like every day, she was safe yesterday, and the mother went to sleep at midday. They rushed to the house when they heard that there was a fire and that the mother was not answering. Moments of tension and anxiety passed over her children, but when it became clear to them, the Hashgacha Pratis, the mother had decided to go out to one of her daughters and rest there for the afternoon, they breathed a sigh of relief.

But this breath was accompanied by quite a bit of pain, which before their eyes they saw how the house in which they were raised and built decades ago, was burning with fire. Tzion Hillel, the son of Mrs. Hillel was there and tried with all his might to stop the flames from spreading. He called on firemen to assist but they explained their truck was out of water. He tried the garden hose, albeit to no avail – the house was engulfed in the blaze – a total loss.

Hours later, when permitted back in the charred house, they could not believe their eyes. At a shot where the flames shot up they saw a tallis and tefilin which were unscathed. Ditto for sifrei Kodesh that once belonged to their father, who was niftar months earlier.

“I stood there and could not believe my eyes” exclaimed Tzion with tears in his eyes. He and family members are thankful to HKBH that their mother was out of the house when the fire erupted.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)