Arab Violence And Protests Against New Security Measures On Har Habayis


Dozens of Muslims protested on Monday 23 Tammuz against new security measures imposed on Har Habayis by Israel following last week shooting attack. Two policemen were murdered in the attack and a third moderately wounded.

Some Muslim worshipers have refused to pass through metal detectors that have been installed on the holy site along with cameras installed off the site but showing what takes place on the Mount.

“Jews, just know that Mohammed’s army is ready” they exclaimed, shouting “We will sit here firmly and we will not accept any change whatsoever. I strength is in our determination. Al-Aqsa is stronger that all, even the prolonged occupation”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. If they would behave like human beings instead of wild dogs, these measures wouldn’t have to be taken. I just wish the Israelis would just shoot them like the wild animals they are. But of course, we mustn’t do that, must we?