Cabinet Approves The Budget For Yishuv Amichai


The cabinet on Sunday, 12 Elul, gave its approval for 60 million shekels, the budget for the establishment of the Shomron community of Amichai. Amichai, which will be near Shilo, is to be constructed for the former residents of Amona, who were ousted by a High Court of Justice decision, determining the former was built on private Arab land.

In the meantime, the former residents of Migron, which was also in the Shomron, are without new homes five years after they left voluntarily. At the time, they opted to accept a government deal for a new community at a different venue instead of resisting the evacuation as planned. Today they find themselves frustrated and homeless despite the grandiose government promises. They were in Jerusalem protesting on Sunday 12 Elul, citing as the nation’s children begin a new school year, children of Migron are still without schools.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)