Anti-Israel Elements Busied As PM Netanyahu Heading To Buenos Aires


Pro-Palestinian activists in Argentina posted banners in Buenos Aires against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ahead of his historic visit to the country. One of the signs said that the prime minister was “wanted”.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife Sarah flew to South and Central America for a historic visit, where they will meet with presidents of Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia and Mexico.

In addition, the activists posted posters in which the prime minister was shown in SS uniform, portraying him as Adolf Hitler. The signs invite the public to join them in a demonstration against Netanyahu and write: “Out Zionists from Palestine, out Netanyahu.”

The header of the poster reads: “Disgust!”

Before the visit to Argentina, pro-Palestinian activists in Buenos Aires hung anti-Semitic posters. One of the signs said that Prime Minister Netanyahu was “wanted” – “wanted for crimes against human rights and Palestinian genocide.”

Deputy Chief of the World Zionist Organization and Head of the World Anti-Semitism Campaign, Yaakov Hagoelammer, responded: “We see with severity the same signs hanging on this historic day that the Prime Minister of Israel is coming to Argentina, they hand signs shouting hatred against Israel”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)