PHOTOS: Yeshiva Tiferes Torah of Boca Raton Continued Learning Straight Through Irma



On Sunday YWN reported about a Yeshiva that kept learning through the storm in Florida. More than one Yeshiva continued. Here is the story from a second Yeshiva – as related to YWN by Rabby Yoel Goldberg from the Yeshiva:

South Florida has just experienced the wrath of Hurricane Irma and the impact it has had on our property and psyche.

Baruch Hashem, what we didn’t experience here in Yeshiva Tiferes Torah of Boca Raton was any major physical or financial damage. While we prepared for the storm like everyone else – purchasing supplies, boarding up and helping our neighbors, perhaps our greatest protection was the Torah learning going on uninterrupted before, during, and after the storm. All of the 30 Beis Medrash Talmidim, 28 who live out of town, chose to stay in Yeshiva to ride out the storm. The result was a roaring Kol Torah, louder and more powerful than whatever category hurricane was parading outside.

The yeshiva is currently in the process of constructing a dormitory, so the Talmidim have been residing in rented houses in the community. The houses were boarded up on the outside like all the others around it, but what was going inside was very different. All 30 Talmidim bunkered down with one of their Rabbiem, Rabbi Abramchick, and went through business as usual over Shabbos, with a Friday night Oneg and a beautiful Seder Shabbos afternoon in the house as a curfew came into effect outside.

As the storm rolled in Motzei Shabbos, Irma felt welcome with a beautiful Melava Malka and Kumzitz. On Sunday, as the peak winds picked up, so did the Limmud Hatorah. With the electrical power wavering, the power of Torah remained strong as the boys learned a full 3 Sedarim, flashlights in hand. In the end. the power did not go out and the community seemed to sustain far less damage than expected. While there were many Zchusim that certainly played a role, the power of Torah was undoubtedly a significant one.

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