Hesder Yeshivot May Be In Jeopardy Too


The High Court of Justice decision of Tuesday, striking down the current draft arrangement for chareidim, has its share of small print, which includes the ruling excluding hesder yeshivot.

The High Court of Justice did not reject the petitions regarding the part of them that dealt with the enlistment arrangements of the hesder yeshivot and the dati leumi yeshivot gedolot. The High Court of Justice completely erased the petitions in this context, which means at any given time in the future, the petitioners may address the hesder yeshivos and yeshivos gedolos separately from the current discussion. Their future is not off the table and it will likely be raised sooner rather than later.

Judge Yitzhak Amit has already noted his opinion, and it is not favorable to hesder system. He feels that speaking from an equality point of view; the hesder yeshiva process is even more severe than that of the chareidim. Not all his colleagues agree of course. Justice Meltzer on the other hand feels the opposite is true, backing hesder. Hence, the hesder rabbonim and Zionist yeshivot gedolot have what to worry about and Bayit Yehudi may realize the problems being faced are not necessarily exclusively chareidi, but they impact all religious camps including the dati leumi, albeit in smaller numbers.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So the Knesset needs to designate Torah Study in yeshivas as National Service.
    If even working for an anti-Israel ,foreign funded NGO can qualify for “National Service”, certainly studying Torah for the benefit of all Klal Israel should be allowed!