PM Netanyahu Uses The Machon Hamikdash Sukkas Adorned With Images Of The Beis Hamikdash


The official Israeli Prime Minister’s Office Facebook page uploaded a photograph of Prime Minister Netanyahu receiving his arba minim for Sukkos in the State Sukka. It appears that this year, the Prime Minister’s residence has chosen to erect an official Machon Hamikdash Sukka adorned with prints of original Temple Institute artwork of the Batei Hamikdash. The institute statement reads, “The Institute sees this as a great indication of the mainstreaming of decades of outreach. Until the founding of the Temple Institute thirty years ago, it was rare to see any images of the Temple, today they receive pride of place in the official State Sukkah”.

Rabbi Chaim Richman, Co-founder and International Director of Machon Hamikdash congratulated and blessed the Prime Minister: “Thirty years ago, before we established the Temple Institute, few people knew what the Holy Temples looked like. After decades of painstaking research and educational activities, including the commissioning of original and exact artwork, the vision of the Third Holy Temple is closer than ever. Our educational outreach has become so mainstream that today, the official State Sukka is adorned with our images. We are humbled that after two thousand years of yearning, we have returned and rebuilt the Jewish State, where the Prime Minister of Israel is proudly seen embracing his heritage, surrounded by images of the Beis Hamikdash. I pray that the Prime Minister receive his Arba Minim next year in a fully rebuilt Jerusalem, with the rebuilding of the Third Holy Temple, in an era of unparalleled world peace and harmony as prophesied by all the prophets of Israel.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)