Simcha Felder Hires Kalman Yeger


Today, Simcha Felder announced that Kalman Yeger has joined his campaign team as Senior Advisor. Yeger joins a team led by E. O’Brien Murray, an architect of Congressman Bob Turner’s surprise victory last year.

“I’m proud that Kalman Yeger has joined my campaign team,” said Felder. “I’ve known Kalman for over a decade, we’ve worked together in the past, and he has an incredible reputation. We share a deep attachment and commitment to our community, and I welcome him to our team,” continued Felder.

“Kalman and I have built a great working relationship over the last few months,” said E. O’Brien Murray, Felder’s campaign manager. “His advice since my arrival has been invaluable. I look forward to working with him as we plan and execute a victorious campaign.”
“I’m honored to be part of Simcha’s campaign,” said Yeger. “As a lifelong resident of what is now the 17th district, I can think of no better candidate to represent our community in the Senate. Simcha has a keen understanding of the challenges facing our community’s middle-class because he’s lived those challenges every day of his life.

“Our community has not had a State Senator for over a year. We need someone who shares our community’s values, hopes and aspirations, and someone who will serve with honor and integrity. Simcha is exactly the right candidate, and I know he’ll hit the ground running on day one and continue to make us proud,” continued Yeger.

Kalman Yeger served as the campaign manager for Councilman Lew Fidler’s campaign earlier this year for a vacant seat including parts of the 17th district. He is a senior advisor to Councilman David Greenfield whose surprise 2010 victory he helped engineer, and he was an architect of Shlomo Mostofsky’s successful campaign for Civil Court last month. Yeger previously served as Executive Director of former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer’s 2005 campaign for Mayor. Yeger was previously the Director of External Affairs for the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty. A lifelong Brooklynite, Yeger is a member of Community Board #14 in Flatbush. Yeger received a law degree from New York Law School and resides in the Midwood neighborhood of what is now the 17th district.

Simcha Felder is running for the open newly formed 17th Senate District that encompasses Borough Park, Flatbush, Midwood, Kensington and Sunset Park. He is running on the Democratic, Conservative and Tax Cuts Now lines. Felder is currently New York City’s Deputy Comptroller for Budget and Accounting. He served the neighborhoods of Borough Park, Kensington and Flatbush in the City Council from 2002 through 2010.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. “Our community has not had a State Senator for over a year” so David Storobin is not a senator? Just because your guy lost doesnt mean you need to degerate the winner, it is vital that frum politicians make a kiddush hashem. Kalman has a bad track record of running campaigns he is 0-2 hopefully he will be 0-3 come November.

  2. Simcha – A wise choice picking a man who knows the community well and who I expect to see in a high political office in the future, perhaps Congress.

  3. Before voting, keep in mind which candidate sponsored & voted to overturn “term limits” allowing Lord Mike Bl$$mberg to remain in “power” & wreak havoc on all of us by passing these terrible Gizeiros! David Storobin has stood up for our Torah values right out of the gate & doesn’t feel its necessary to be MICHANEFF every low life Democrat Liberal! Let’s not rewrite History, please!

  4. #2 And high taxes too. It’s his record, I’m not making it up. Voted yes on proposals to raise – personal income tax, Real estate tax, cigarette tax, hotel tax, congestion pricing (think so) sales tax (think so)and other fees.

  5. I would like to follow up on my previous comment, it may very likely be that Simacha can explain his voting record, but then HE should start doing it. I dont want to knock him in any way, I just want a good candidate with no slogan rather then the other way around.

    We may need “Simcha” but the last name doesnt have to be Felder. Last time we were told (was that Simcha as well) to vote for a “true mentch” named Mayor Bloomberg. We all know how much of a mentch he is.

    Lets vote on facts and real commitments, not slogans.

  6. I am one of many of the undecideds in this race. I voted for Storobin last time and really like Simcha Felder. Hiring someone who worked for Fidler and reading his ridiculous comments about not having a state seantor might push me to Storobin. People need to think before they talk the comment reminds me of Romney’s ididotic 47% comment( and i am still voting for Romney). both sides spend most of there time knocking the other. Enough!