New Daf Yomi Email Hotline Launched!


Have a question of the Daf? Receive an email response within minutes! Thanks to the new Daf Yomi e-Line launched by in affiliation with Agudath Israel of Toronto South and The Toronto Kollel, you can now email any question on the Daf and receive a prompt response from a qualified Maggid Shiur. In an interview with TheYeshivaWorld, Rabbi Yaakov Samson, executive Director of explained what led to this launch:

YWN: Who is e-Line intended for?

R.S.: Although already broadcasts a popular online video Daf Yomi Shiur (complete with on-screen review charts and diagrams), we found that many individuals who enjoy learning the Daf on their own or with a Chavrusa sometimes may find it difficult to resolve a particular point in the Daf. The e-Line seems like a most convenient way to maintain one’s own seder and still have full access to a qualified Maggid Shiur for additional clarity.

YWN: What is the e-Line response time?

R.S.: From several minutes to several hours depending on the question and email volume.

YWN: How is the public response so far?

R.S.: Overwhelming! B”H our team of Talmidei Chachamim are working full time.

YWN: Any other unique Daf Yomi services that you offer?

R.S.: In response to numerous requests, we have made our daily charts and diagrams available to the general public for free view or download. They are also displayed on-screen during the actual Shiur – at every section of the Gemara, and during the two minute Daf review at the end of each Shiur.

YWN: Hatzlacha Rabba!

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Boruch Hashem there are many websites and resources for the Daf Yomi. One of the early websites (i think this is their 4th Cycle) is the Daf Advancement Forum (D.A.F.) site This is a Kollel that learns in Har Nof, the Rosh Kollel is Rav Mordechai Kornfeld. A very choshuver Talmid Chochom. Take advantage of all available resources.

  2. IDafYomi looks like the old CDDaf / DVDDaf

    awsome links and l1brary

    color coded .. nice

    all suggestions / ideas as to what to do with my old set (like 20 boxes) of cd’s and DVD’s ??

  3. to dontbeagolem,

    I know of a community kollel that is building a resource center. Would you have interest in donating the itens which will get good use?

    Kol Tuv,


  4. dontbegolem,

    Yasher Koach on your offer.

    The recipient would be the Skokie Commmunity Kollel in Suburban Chicago. I can help with the logistics and ensure that you get a receipt for tax purposes. Please send me an email at to work out logistics.

    kol Tuv,