Israel Electric Company Bringing Chareidi Women On Board


The Israel Electric Company is training chareidi women from around the country, training them for employment handling the utility company’s phones, their representatives to the public. These women will handle the electric company’s ‘103’ hotline number as part of ongoing efforts to increase the chareidi presence in the national workforce.

Courses have been operating in all areas of the country that have been tailored to the lifestyles of the chareidi women, with one such course taking place at present in Yerushalayim. The five-week course is being held in an IEC complex in conjunction with the chareidi ונותנים באהבה NGO.

Senior IEC official Eli Glickman is proud of the fact the nation’s electric company is working hard to bring additional women on board, with an emphasis on women affiliated with the chareidi sector.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)