President’s Peres’ Remarks to Closing Event of Homeland Security Conference


President Shimon Peres on Tuesday, delivered remarks at the Homeland Security Conference (HLS), the second international conference for homeland security which took place in Tel Aviv.

President Peres said, “As someone who was part of founding Israel’s defense industries I am delighted to see the innovative technological developments which are leading the world in homeland security. I am proud of my people; we are a nation with creativity and wisdom, courage and chutzpah.”

The president spoke to the media and addressed the situation on Israel’s borders. Regarding the situation in southern Israel he added, “We are taking it very seriously. We will do what we can to lower the flames as much as possible but we will keep our people safe. We will ensure that Israeli mothers can get a quiet and safe night’s sleep with their children, that is a basic human right. If the message becomes that you can shoot and still be paid it will be a catastrophe for everybody and that’s what his happening. If the Emir of Qatar wants to give donations he can give as much as he wants but what would he do if someone was shooting at Doha. It’s a scandal. We call on all the people who provide money to make a clear condition, you shoot then you won’t get paid. The people who govern Gaza made decide if they want to fire or if they want peace, we cannot permit double standards.”

In relation to the northern border Mr Peres emphasized that, “First of all as a human being I deeply regret the bloodshed, children being killed by their own government is unacceptable, there are moral principles. We are not involved in what’s going on in Syria and we have no intention to intervene in what is a terrible and sad story. But if they try to shoot at us we shall defend ourselves. We will be considered, we will analyze every event but we shall defend ourselves.”

President Peres was asked why Israel is such a leader when it comes to technological development and said, “Israel has to defend itself, we have neither land nor wealth, what we have are people who are devoted and are trying to defend this small country. With the dangers we face we cannot be mediocre, we must excel.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)