Yahadut Hatorah Asks Jerusalem City Hall to Show Sensitivity


Members of Yahadut Hatorah in Jerusalem City Hall have requested that when city officials in the coming weeks distribute the annual arnona property tax bill to city residents, to refrain from including the pamphlet containing adverts to homes in chareidi areas. The city councilmen explain the pamphlet’s photos and content is simply not fitting for a chareidi home and it is viewed as offensive.

Members of Yahadut Hatorah recall that efforts to stop the pamphlet last year were unsuccessful but they hope this year, they will succeed.

City Hall officials responding to the report state they have always and will continue to make sure the content in the pamphlet is suitable for residents and the same is the case this year. There was no indication that City Hall plans to comply with the request to withhold sending the pamphlet to homes in frum areas.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Just want to know what they would do if chareidim included kiruv literature would it be tolerated or would they complain that we are trying to iinfluence them?