PM Netanyahu: I Will Begin Trying to Form a Coalition Tonight


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced on his Facebook page after the exit polls were released that he plans to begin efforts to form a coalition government immediately.

“I wish to thank the millions of Israeli citizens who exercised their democratic right to vote today. In line with the exit poll results, it is clear the citizens of Israel want me as their prime minister again, and I will try to form as broad based a coalition as possible.”

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. He lost votes, badly, but ended up winning since he has multiple coalition options and can force his potential partners to “bid downwards” to join. The Hareidim may have to resign themselves to major reductions in funding and to conscription. A big chunk of anti-hareidi parties did well enough so they can demand defunding hareidi institutions and conscription, and will probably be willing to settle giving Netanyahu a blank check.

    Unless the official results are radically better than the exit polls, the frum parties will be in a seriously weakened position.